Five steps to choose the handcrafted Amish hardwood floor of your dreams

Step One: Choose your HARDWOOD
Choose from Hickory (hardest), Hard Maple, White Oak, Ash, Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Elm (softest). All flooring is ¾” thick solid wood.

Step Two: Choose your COLLECTION
Collections determine grade (character or clear) and design (handscraped, distressed, etc). Our most popular is the Cottage collection, but we have many to choose from.

Step Three: Choose your COLOR
Choose from 22 standard colors or match an existing color to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Step Four: Choose your WIDTH & LENGTH
All of our hardwood floors come in a variety of popular sizes: 3” to 8” width & 16” to 76” length.

Step Five: Choose your FINISH
Select from our proprietary Dutch Armor Coat finish with a 25 year warranty or Rubio Monocoat, a one coat natural oil finish. All hardwood floors are also available unfinished.

Still unsure? Learn the four important factors when choosing a hardwood floor from Harvey Zook, our award-winning custom flooring expert and Managing Partner at Valley Flooring.