Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Depending on what type of hardwood floor you have will determine the kind of floor cleaner you must use.  It is quite critical you select the right hardwood floor cleaner because if you use the wrong kind, you could permanently damage your floor.  In the case that you are unsure of the type of hardwood floor you have, there are a couple easy ways to find that out.  Your hardwood floor, most likely, has either a wax or surface finish.

To test your hardwood floor, first find an inconspicuous spot of your floor, most likely in the corner of your room.  Place two drops of water directly onto your floor. Check your floor in ten minutes.  If there are white spots under the drops, your floor has been finished with wax.  If there are no white spots, most likely you have a surface finish floor.  To be sure, take a coin and gently scratch the floor’s surface.  If there is no scratch, you can be certain your floor has a surface finish.

Special Cleaners for Wood Floors finished with Wax

To keep your hardwood floor clean, dust mop and vacuum regularly, about once a week. To keep your floor shiny, you can buff it every so often.  When buffing is not enough to make the floor shine, you know it’s time to wax.  Before you wax your floor, make sure it’s clean by scrubbing it with a cleaner that is specially made for your type of wood.  Evenly spread the wax across the whole floor, and when it is dry, buff it.  You will only need to wax your hardwood floor about one to two times each year.

Special Cleaners for Wood Floors with a Surface Finish

You should sweep and vacuum your floor on a regular basis.  Don’t ever apply wax to a surface finish floor.  Instead, use a hardwood flooring cleaner such as Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner to remove stubborn stains and clean any smudges.  Based on how much traffic your hardwood floor receives, you may need to reapply the finish every few weeks.

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