Hardwood Flooring Basics to Beautify Your Home

There are so many various styles, types and colors of flooring offered today.  It can be an enormous job to choose to right flooring for your residence.  Hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, antique, prefinished – which is the best one for you? The most popular types of hardwood flooring today are oak, maple, cherry, hickory, and birch, but there are lots of others as well.

Having low-end flooring or the wrong design or style of hardwood flooring may conflict with previous home interior design characteristics. By carefully choosing a hardwood flooring style, you can highlight and beautify just about any style or design of a home.

Carpeting has several benefits that wood floors don’t have, the main being the softness when you walk on it.  The great thing is that hardwood flooring may be accessorized with pretty and durable rugs that also are cushy.  If it’s a soft, comfortable feel you desire, don’t think that hardwood flooring is not an option.  You can join the use of a carpet with the attractiveness, durability, and glow of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring can be found in many sizes and colors, as well as different types of wood grains.  When you are choosing the variety of hardwood floor to put in your home, first choose the color and kind of wood.  Most of the time, this choice is the most significant requirement.

When you choose your color, it should be complimentary to your furniture, wall hangings, plants, and other items you plan to decorate your residence with.  Deciding on a wood color may not be a simple, effortless task.  Different types of wood will stain differently.  Some varieties of wood will stain darker than other varieties, some will be lighter.  When picking out a color, consider the stain along with the type of wood floor you would like.  Research properly, and you will lower the chance of installing a floor which does not have the color or look you wanted.

Another factor to consider is functionality.  While pine floors are beautiful, pine is a very soft wood which dents quite easily.  It would be a bad choice for a high-traffic space.  When deciding on woods for flooring, you want to choose a floor that will last a long time.  Your flooring should last a lifetime, which means picking out a floor which is durable, simple to clean, and will remain new looking without too much work.  If you aren’t sure which wood to choose, go with the type that is harder than you think you need.  Use the hardness rankings according to the Janka scale to help you pick out which variety of wood you need depending on how much traffic you will have.

The most common styles of hardwood flooring are strip, plank and parquet.  Strip hardwood flooring is linear and most of the time is between 1 ½ inches to 3 ¼ inches wide.  It usually gives the room the look of being larger than it actually is.  Parquet flooring is a group of hardwood flooring pieces which create a geometric design.  Plank hardwood flooring is wider than strip hardwood flooring, most of the time 3 inches to 6 inches in width.  You can use wider planks, but they frequently have problems with moisture.

You should select the style and size you believe looks most beautiful.  Take enough time to see all the styles, designs, sizes and colors of wood floors before choosing.  Once you install your epic hardwood flooring it’s not an inexpensive job to rip them out and replace.  It’s a smart plan to get various samples and place them in your home.  When you haven’t seen the floor next to your own furniture and wall colors, it’s practically impossible to make a wise choice.

If you would like to install your own hardwood flooring, make sure you have the proper knowledge and experience before trying to do it.  You have to know what kind of subflooring to install, either wood or concrete.  To make sure your floors don’t warp, it’s important to keep your floors properly ventilated, with controlled temperatures during the year.  When the weather gets very cold, it may cause the floor boards to part.  Before you install it yourself, discuss with some professionals in your area what precautions you should take to secure a lifetime of pleasure with your new wood floors.

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