Care of Hardwood Floors

To appreciate the full worth of hardwood floors, you have to use the proper maintenance techniques.   Because hardwood, despite its durability, is organic, if you do not take care of it properly it may be subject to deterioration and wear.  And so, if you would like your hardwood floors to last for years to come, you must be conscientious enough to take care of it by properly cleaning and/or waxing it.

Hardwood floors are fairly costly.  Since your floors are an investment, it is but reasonable to make sure you get the utmost return on your investment as the years go by.  And so we ask the question: how can we take good care of our hardwood floors?  Study the recommendations below.

Avoid sun exposure

If the room in which your hardwood floors are laid has a broad window, protect your floors from the sun by utilizing sheer drapes or blinds.  Hardwood floors may be ill effected by ultra violet rays.

 Don’t drag your furniture

This is pertinent to heavy furniture.  If you are planning to move a large oak couch to a different position, use a furniture dolly or have other people lift it.  Don’t ever drag it across the floor, because it may scratch the finish or even damage the wood underneath the finish.  Placing felt contacts underneath furniture’s legs helps to prevent their weight from scratching and denting your hardwood floors.

 Clean up spills and stains quickly

Hardwood floors which have a nice, intact finish will resist spills so you have nothing to worry about.  However, if your floor’s finish has been there for some time, the finish may be wearing thin, which allows water or other spills to seep into the wood.  If that happens, it is a good idea to sand and refinish the area of the floor which was wet.  But if that technique doesn’t work, you may need to replace that specific plank with a new one.

Sweep your hardwood flooring routinely

To sweep, you should use a broom that has slender, exploded bristles, as they are the most adequate in catching dust and grit in the creases and corners of your hardwood floors.  If your broom bristles are too soft, they may just drag the dust into the cracks of your flooring.

Finally, let the way you take care of your hardwood flooring reflect how you look after things you value.  Your hardwood floor will not only bring physical beauty into your living quarters, but will also bring in a feeling of homey coziness that could never be with a concrete slab.

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